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Digne pass for Deulofeu goal (given when ball was out) & Alba strike at Betis last season (not given when ball was… ....5g Tech {} We have scoured the world for “hard to find” gifts that are unique, fun and most importantly, affordable! #Gift #Gifts #Love... Read More

Our world is constantly changing

This event is in line with the UAE govt's vision to develop Emirati talent in spa… ....5g Tech {} We have scoured the world... Read More

Metro on Twitter

After two years of development, giant robots from the US and Japan went head-to-head in an abandoned steel mill… ....5g Tech {} We have... Read More

The new adidas Copa Gloro 17.

In a market where there’s knitted collars and laceless technology. The Copa Gloro is… ....5g Tech {} We have scoured the world for “hard... Read More

Apple reportedly isn't producing enough iPhone X units for first weekend sales

According to a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is still facing supply chain constraints for the upcoming iPhone X. The company... Read More

Apple iPhone 8 Under Fire as iPhone X Looms

It's hard to say whether Apple is in a good spot or a perilous one with its new slate of iPhones. Over the past several... Read More

Technology guides small donations to candidates

Republicans don't have an equivalent conduit for online contributions, but they can chose from a variety of online fundraising platforms and consultants with proprietary technology.... Read More

How Technology is Keeping Holocaust Survivor Stories Alive Forever

The life-size image of Pinchas Gutter on a video screen, fidgeting, blinking and tapping his foot, seemed present and alive in the way portraits do... Read More

Android Circuit, New Galaxy X Problems, Google Reveals Pixel 2 Superpower, Microsoft's Android Love

Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week's Android Circuit includes a new Galaxy S8... Read More

Even knowing the ending, this story is still a WILD emotional rollercoaster

Could be a novel or a film, easily.… ....5g Tech {} We have scoured the world for “hard to find” gifts that are unique,... Read More



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